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If Kop-kande.dk was a country, it would be larger than Pitcairn Islands with its 381 daily visitors!
Nr. Country Population World Percent
219 Falkland Islands 3,000 N/A
220 Niue 1,500 N/A
221 Tokelau 1,200 N/A
222 Vatican City 800 N/A
223 Kop-kande.dk 381 -
224 Pitcairn Islands 50 N/A
So these 381 daily visitors,
lets put them in perspective!
1 in every 4,374,462 internet users visit Kop-kande.dk daily. Kop-kande.dk gets 381 internet visitors per day, now imagine that they would all come together.

This means you would need at least 4 of these fields to seat the visitors.
Field With People - Showing: 105 People
This field contains a group of 100 people who attended a workshop.
If these 381 daily visitors stand hand in hand and form one long straight line, it would be 0 kilometers long.
No demographic information available right now...
Server & Power Consumption Information
The average Kop-kande.dk visitor visits about 1.7 pages before leaving again, this means that their servers handle about 648 page views per day and in term a total of 0 page views per second.

We estimate that this website uses 1 server(s), and with the average internet server using about 2,400 kWh of electricity per year, Kop-kande.dk will use more or less 2,400 kWh of power in that time span. Looking at the average cost of 0,17c per kWh, this website uses an estimated total of $408 USD on electricity per year.